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608 Water St.
Friendsville, MD 21531

Check-in: 4 pm
Check-out: 11 am


Give Lynn a Call at 540-580-2943

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Email us at stillwaterhaven@gmail.com

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How/where can we leave a review?
We love to hear about your stay with us! It can also be very useful for other guests to read about. You can leave a review at stillwaterhaven.com, Facebook@stillwaterhaven, www.vrbo.com/821894/reviews/write , Airbnb.com, FlipKey.com, or copy and paste your review for all of the above!
Do you have filtered water?
Yes! We have 2 Reverse Osmosis filtration systems. Filtered water can be accessed at the main sink in the main and lower level kitchens from the small faucet.
How do you operate the HVAC system?
LowerLevel:There are thermostats located on the wall at the bottom of the stairway. ■ Radiant Floor Heat (right): We have found this to be the most even and efficient heat source. Set this to a desired number and heat will rise. ** Make sure central heat thermostat is set for a couple degrees lower so that floor heat will turn on** ■CentralHeat/AC(left):standard thermostat to control both heat and air conditioning ○MainLevelandLoft:Thermostats controlling central heat and air conditioning are located in kitchen area on the wall above the couch (controls temp in Kitchen, Master Suite and Pasture View) and in the game room to the right of the Murphy bed (controls only game room temp). ■AuxiliaryHeat/AC Units in the Pasture View Suite,and the Game Room: We have found that using them for heat gets things too hot as heat rises. They work wonderfully during the warmer seasons to keep things a little cooler than what central AC keeps things in the loft area. ● AuxiliaryHeat/AC Unit in the Bird View Suite: the wall unit is the main source of heating in that area. Baseboard heat should only be used as a backup.
How many sleeping areas are there?
○ LOWER LEVEL ■ Master Suite: 1 Queen bed, 1 Day bed, 1 set of Bunk beds (twin over twin) ■ Black n’ Tan Room: 1 set of Bunk beds (twin over double) ■ River View Suite: 2 Queen memory foam plush futons, 1 set of Bunk beds (twin over double) ○ MAIN LEVEL ■ Master Suite: 1 King bed ■ Game Room Suite: 1 King bed, 1 Queen Murphy memory foam plush bed, 1 Queen memory foam plush futon, 1 Sofa Bed ○ LOFT LEVEL ■ Pasture View Suite: 1 King bed, 1 Full memory foam plush futon, 1 Sofa Bed ■ Bird View Suite: 1 King bed, 1 Full memory foam plush futon
What is the maximum occupancy?
Our chalet sleeps up to 20 people.
Do you have a minimum age for the primary renter?
We require that the primary renter be at least 30 years of age.
Are pets allowed?
No, we do no accommodate or allow any pets at this time.
Can I smoke in the house?
Stillwater Haven is a non-smoking facility. Ash receptacles are located outside.
Is your vacation rental ADA compliant?
Yes, we are wheelchair accessible. In addition, we have a fully ADA compliant bathroom on the Lower level.
How many bath rooms are there?
There are 6 full bathrooms – 1 is fully ADA compliant.
Why won't some lamps turn on or off?
We have a remote system to turn lamps on/off for several of the lamps in the main level kitchen, the game room, and the pasture view suite. The remotes for all three areas are labeled are located on the corner of the bar in the kitchen. Extra remotes can be found in the Pasture View Suite and in the Game Room. Other lamps can be turned on/off manually.
Do you have WiFi?
Yes. Service is via fiber optic. We have 2 boosters for cellphone signals as well. For login information, please see the laminated FAQ page located throughout Stillwater Haven.
Is there a music system?
We are equipped with the NuVo Whole Home audio system that can be controlled by the wall mounted panels or by downloading the NuVo Music Port app for iPhone or Android (not music player). NuVo has the ability to play internet radio stations like Pandora, pair wirelessly with a media player, or play music from our server. Instructions are located in the main level kitchen area. Music training can be available upon pre-arranged request.
What do we do with our trash?
Trash bins are located beside the mailbox at the road. It is very important to bag all trash and not to leave ANY trash exposed. Animals will search out exposed bags (in bins or on the porch) and tear them open to find a meal. If both bins are full, please put excess bags in the horse trailer using the door facing the road.
Where do recyclables go?
We are able to recycle glass (please no wine corks or bottle caps) and aluminum cans (please no soup cans or aluminum foil). We have bins on the covered porch outside of the main level kitchen and in the pavilion area for glass and aluminum.
Where do we park?
The front area by the mail boxes is reserved for owner parking. Guests can park by the hot tub area, by the pavilion area, or in the overflow area between the round pen and barn.
What do we need to take care of before we leave?
Just the basics. Please: ■ Load and run the dish washers ■ DON’T strip the sheets and pillow cases off of all of the beds or futons that were slept in. Please leave “as is” & housekeeping will prepare the beds for our next guests. ■ Dirty towels should go inside the showers on the lower and main levels. ■ Gather all trash and put in bins at the road (any overflow goes to horse trailer storage area via the door facing the road so that no trash is left exposed).
Where can we find towels and extra sheets?
BATHTOWELS: ■ Lower Level Master: In the glass cabinet at the foot of the bunk bed. ■ Lower Level Black and Tan Room: On shelves to the left of washer and dryer ■ Lower Level River View Suite: In the basket below the entertainment shelf. ■ Main Level: The foyer closet left of the washer and dryer. ■ Loft Level Pasture View: Shelves on the left side of the balcony opening. ■ Bird View: In antique cabinet in Bird View bathroom. **Extra linens and blankets for the house can be found in the foyer closet on the main level left of the washer and dryer. **Adult and kids spa towels are located in the game room.
Can we dim the ceiling lights?
Yes! Most all lights in the house have a dimmer. ■ If you see a standard light switch with a small square to the right side of it, that light can be dimmed. Slide the small square up for brighter and down for darker. ■ Some lights (the main ceiling lights, the covered porch lights, and the loft ceiling lights) the entire switch is the dimmer. Press the bar to turn on/off (except for loft lights – just move bar up and down). Move the bar up and down to make the lights brighter or dimmer. ○ Some lamps have dimmers as well! If you see a white or black slider close to a lamp, more than likely it is a dimmer. Slide up and back to desired brightness.
How do we turn the Christmas lights on?
On either end of the covered porch is a place to plug in the lights. The pavilion Christmas lights are on a switch right of the owner’s storage closet door.
How do we lock the doors when/if we leave?
○ All doors should be locked to protect your belongings and ours. Lock all doors on main floor and lower level. Last person out should exit through the Lower Level Master Bedroom and use the keyless lock to secure last door. (The door code to re-enter will be in your welcome packet.) ○ For sliding glass doors, pull door shut and turn latch until it is vertical. ○ For French and single doors, pull the handle (the handle used to open the door) on the right door up until it stops. Release it and do the same thing with the handle on the left door. Release handle and turn lock clockwise a quarter of a turn. Door should be locked.
Is there cellular service? Can we use the land line?
○ Some services are better than others in this area and it depends on your provider. We have attempted to increase what is available here with two boosters. Signals are stronger in the loft and in the parking area near the hot tub. ○ All guests are welcome to use the land line. We have unlimited nationwide (plus Canada) long distance.
Do you have a fire pit?
We have two! There is an open campfire pit down by the river and there is a wood burning fireplace in our open air pavilion. There is a supply of wood by the driveway and a container with fire starting materials provided.
Where are the breaker panels for the house?
There are three panels located in the utility room on the lower level. The breaker panel for the game room is located in the owner’s storage closet. Please contact the owner if you need assistance in the game room.
What happens if the power goes out?
A generator will turn on automatically to control many of the main functions of the house.